The full moon is a chance to forgive and to let go of negative emotions and to welcome gratitude into your heart. Through this Yoga Circle, Natalie and I will take you on a journey of movement, stillness, meditation and reflection. We have intentionally kept our spaces limited to ensure the evening will be intimate.

What to expect

We’ll start the evening with some moon salutations to get us out of our heads and into our bodies.

Then we will guide you through some beautiful visualisations and give you opportunities to reflect and look within.

Throughout the evening, you will have a chance to shake off and release thoughts and feelings which no longer serve you, forgive the past and make room for the good stuff: hope, joy and positivity.

We will end the evening with some slow yin yoga to help you create internal balance and release tension & blocked emotions.

How to book
Go to the booking tab and scroll to the date of the workshop.

Limited spaces available.
To book click on bookings tab and scroll to 28th March, Full Moon Yoga Circle.