My 5 Week Detox

by hayleybamford

No, it’s not an April fool- I spent five weeks toxin free! As part of my teacher training we were ‘asked’ to stay off sugar, caffeine and alcohol for the entire 5 weeks of the program. At first we were all shell shocked at the idea of surviving without our morning caffeine hit, or our nightly glass of wine! The effects of alcohol on our bodies is widely known but I was curious why I was being deprived of sugar and caffeine, after all a sugary cuppa sharpens me up for the day ahead surely? Everything in moderation right?

However, after the initial withdrawal effects, it was amazing how much better I felt. I slept better than ever, and without the caffeine & sugar I maintained a healthy level of energy throughout the day. No more sugar highs followed by lethargic crashes, insulin surges causing our bodies to immediately store fat! It goes without saying that I managed to shed some of that stubborn body fat around my middle too! I have managed to completely rid myself of sugar cravings now. Although I can’t wait to have a glass of wine, I won’t be going back to my old viscious cycle of drugging myself everyday with sugar! A real eye opener – I urge you to try it!

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