Why Yoga Lizard?

by hayleybamford

10th April 2018

Why Yoga Lizard??

“Lizard” has always been a friendly term of affection for me. I started using it when I was a primary school teacher, the children in my class were my lizards, particularly if they were messing around or doing something silly. Once I became a mother to two troublesome boys, the name lizards extended to them too!

When trying to think of a name for my yoga business, I made a list of all the words and poses associated with yoga. I could think of several catchy names but nothing seemed to click or feel like it represented me and my vibe. It was my husband who looked at my list and picked out lizard pose, ‘This is you!’ he said.

So here we are, Yoga Lizard. It’s fun and fierce – just like my classes! Come and join me lizards! ?

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